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I have always enjoyed Tom Harris MP’s blog. I was delighted that the first person to put up  a new style Honeyball Buzz link button was Tom, many thanks. Sometimes we think very similarly, Tom’s post  last week on Boris Johnson was very similar to mine highlighting Iain Dale’s partisan spinning.

Following my campaign on Ryanair’s sexist calendars, I’m amused by this story from Tom on Ryanair staff totally losing the plot, click here, the comments are as good as the story.


  1. I see you have had a mass clear out of comments, Mrs Honeyball. Tom Harris publishes almost every point of view, even the most opposed to his own.

    That’s another reason why he has a no. 1 blog and your’s barely registers.

    I have seen the odd comment on your blog, Mrs Honeyball, that I think is worthy of deletion for being deliberately offensive, but you are mainly deleting what are simply other people’s points of view.

    What are you so afraid of?

    People like me go to the trouble of leaving comments. Combine this with the fact that you are a public servant who is meant to REPRESENT people’s views (not just those of your androphobic clique).

    Perhaps your fear and loathing of the male and envy of his natural dominion is the reason you want more unborn humans slaughtered in the name of your half of the species – simply because half the cells take after the father.

    Abortion isn’t about ‘the right to choose’ – and teaching women to hate their bodies and their offspring does not benefit them in any sense.

    Is it all just about getting your own back at men as if we are a natural enemy rather than the same species? Have you actually analysed your beliefs in total honesty and with an eternal perspective? Do you understand cause and effect (do unto others…)?

    All abortion achieves is the obliteration of human beings from the pages of history. It could be argued that aborting a ‘foetus’ is worse than murdering an adult, because at least the human adult had a chance to live and make a mark on the world and have children of his own.

    I wonder how many Beethovens, Shakespeares and Einsteins the world has been deprived of because of abortionists like you.

    What will it be, then, Mrs Honeyball – delete or debate?

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