Euro Election

Curious comment from Iain Dale on my post on Boris Johnson yesterday:

“You clearly didn’t read the subsequent post which questioned whether the Conservative Party knew how to spell the word ‘opposition’.”

I hadn’t –  here it is:

“It’s Spelled O-P-P-O-S-I-T-I-O-N 

“So the Tories are backing the government’s plans for the Post Office and Jack Straw’s decision to block publication of the Iraq war cabinet minutes. It’s probably just as well I have been too busy today to do much blogging.”

So Iain opposition means covering up for your mates even when they are in the wrong?
I hold to what my friend Polly Toynbee wrote presciently in 2007:
“David Cameron has just made his worst mistake. He will bitterly regret the day he encouraged Boris Johnson to stand as London’s mayor. What does it say about the desperate state of the Conservatives that they will put up a clown to run a great global city?”
“Of course if a monkey can be elected mayor of Hartlepool, Boris Johnson might be elected mayor of London. Jester, toff, self-absorbed sociopath and serial liar, the man could still win.”
“What about Boris the sociopath? Apart from being caught often lying to all and sundry – he was fired from the Times for making up a quote – how has he survived the Darius Guppy scandal when he was recorded agreeing to find a journalist’s contact details so old Etonian friend Guppy could have the man beaten up? How badly? Guppy suggested just a few cracked ribs. Later when Guppy was jailed for a £1.8m insurance fraud, Boris explained his role with: “Oh poor old Darry was in a bit of a hole. He was being hounded.”
I thought more of you Iain, but if you are going to cover for Boris’ problems with telling the truth then that tells me we are in for one of the dirtiest election campaigns in a long time.