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logolabourlist5After my posting on how LabourList could be improved I met Derek Draper. I am pleased he has taken on board several of my suggestions. The contributors are wider and my suggestion for Ann Black’s NEC report to be published has been incorporated. Here is the first one.

Day by day as in any launch things are getting better. They are screening more and more Labour blogs. I still think it is a bit too top heavy and more grassroots contributors would be great. Derek asked me to tell all aspiring bloggers please just get on and submit pieces.

The navigation on Iphones/Blackberries still leaves a lot to be desired. To go to an article you have to scroll through dozens of contributors visages for no good reason. It is still in beta and I hope this will be addressed before the full launch next week.

I will be taking Derek at his word and submitting pieces and I hope other Labour Party supporters will do so to.