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Following my complaint to the Irish Advertising Standards Authority, I have received a preliminary response from them. I find it rather shocking.
First they state that they are prepared to investigate complaints about commercial advertisements which have appeared in one of the advertising media that may be in breach of their Code. They then said that Ryanair’s product is outside the Code.
I agree the calendar itself is outside the Code. It is up to us as campaigners to complain to Ryanair about this. But the marketing email Ryanair sent advertising the calendar is not exempt from the Code. It is this email that I complained about. This email featured all the same images of un-unionised female workers being ‘pimped out’ by Ryanair. I have written again to the ASAI to make sure that they realise this.
Is it me or are the ASAI trying to avoid dealing with Ryanair again? They have agreed to discuss the matter but I think we need to put pressure on them not to overlook it.
I urge you to write to the ASAI. More complaints may encourage them to act. Their email address is:
The text of the original letter of complaint that I sent to the ASAI is still available on the campaign site:


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