In support of World Immunisation Week- Guest Blog

Labour Party

The ONE foundation, which was founded by U2 lead singer Bono to fight extreme poverty and preventable diseases, has been doing some great work to raise awareness of the importance of adequate access to vaccinations and immunisations.

The organisation has also provided great support recently in my efforts to get a written declaration, full text here, to encourage  the EU to continue to support organisation’s like GAVI who provide vaccines and immunisations to those who are most in need.

GAVI’S mission is simple: ‘Save children’s lives and protect people’s health by increasing access to immunisation in poor countries.’ I think this simple mission statement is effective in its explanation, and it would be hard to argue that we should do anything but show our support for their important work.

This week marks World Immunisation Week where both organisations have the opportunity to highlight this the work they do and support the need to continue.

The week will highlight the importance of equity of access to immunisations. In order to ensure that there is adequate access they must receive proper funding.

Earlier in the week I wrote a guest blog for ONE’s blog on the week and the importance of continuing to raise awareness in an effort to save lives.

You can read the blog I wrote for them and others blogs here.