Daniel Hannan MEP decides to break the law

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Last year I highlighted London UKIP MEP Gerard Batten was not paying his television licence. In UKIP, obeying the law is selective, and I will not repeat the list again. The Conservative Party now seems to be moving ever closer to UKIP’s morality with the news that Daniel Hannan MEP has also decided to not pay for his television licence.  Here’s his position on BBC radio’s Any Questions:

“Asked by host Jonathan Dimbleby whether he hoped to threaten the survival of the state broadcaster, he added:

“I think it is anomolous in this day and age to have a state broadcaster, funded out of general taxation.”

As the studio audience responded with heckles and boos, Mr Hannan was quick to emphasise that his personal views did not reflect the policies of the Conservative party.

A spokesperson for the TV Licensing Authority said: “Television licensing law still applies to you no matter what you use to watch TV.

“Whether it’s a laptop, PC or any other device that receives television, you need to be covered by a TV Licence. It’s the law.

If a Labour representative decided they were only going to obey the laws that suited them I think there would be media coverage, but there seems to have been very little notice taken of Daniel Hannan’s law breaking. Conservative Leader in Europe Timothy Kirkhope has taken no action, prefering to take disciplinary action against Edward McMillan-Scott for objecting to the Conservative’s European group leader Michael Kaminski’s extremist views. David Cameron seems quite happy with this state of affairs too. Shouldn’t they be asking Daniel Hannan to do what every Labour representative does and pay their taxes? The television licence is in effect a tax. Perhaps there are other Conservative representatives who take the same view? Conservative supporter Charles Moore has also decided not to pay his licence too.

The BBC has taken no action, which seems to show partisan bias. There’s an election coming and if Conservatives are going to ignore the law, and UKIP too, then the BBC should be enforcing the law and not turning a blind eye. It’s inaction is starting to bring into question its impartiality, which is especially important in a pre-election period. Let’s not forget that Daniel Hannan is one of the most popular Conservative representatives amongst ordinary Conservative members and activists.

As someone who makes laws how can Daniel Hannan expect anybody to obey any law that he votes for when he has no respect for the law? An honourable representative would either pay up and apologise or resign. Remember Daniel Hannan’s pompous youtube video hit? Look at this interview where he says he was doing what his constituents want. Daniel Hannan has millions of decent constituents who pay for their television licence. They expect him to pay his share and not to take a free ride on their backs.

Gerard Batten, London UKIP MEP, does not pay his TV Licence

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gerardbattenThis has got to be one of the most bizarre press articles today.  Read it here.

Noel Edmonds, who lives in the south of France but stays in the UK while recording his Channel 4 show, appears not to be paying his TV licence. OK, I accept that his domicile may be unclear. However, both London UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten and Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky then both enter the frame.

Bukovsky has not paid his fee since 2001, claiming the BBC has a pro-European bias. His group, Vladimir Bukovsky’s TV Licence Refuseniks, has 1,500 members.

Commenting on the Noel Edmonds story, Gerard Batten, who is involved in Mr Bukovsky’s campaign and who has withheld his licence fee since August, allegedly said: “If what Noel Edmonds says is true, it appears the BBC and the TVLA are trying to close down the debate.
‘This is backed up by Vladimir Bukovsky not being prosecuted. They wouldn’t want someone of his intellectual ability in the witness box. Neither would they want to be seen to be prosecuting a high-profile presenter like Noel Edmonds.’ ”

Can someone please make sense of this?

Confusion aside, as far as I’m concerned, Gerard Batten is not paying his TV licence. End of story.