The People’s Vote March through the Streets of London

Labour Party

On Saturday we took to the streets, over 100,000 of us marching in central London to demand a final vote on any UK Brexit deal. It was also the second anniversary of the Brexit referendum.

Speakers called on Theresa May to do the right thing – “demand a people’s vote”.

Young and old travelled the length and breadth of the country to protest- Wiltshire, Liverpool, Kent, Nottingham, Suffolk are just a few of the places I heard people say they had travelled from that morning.

It was fantastic to see such a mix and varied group of people united in a common cause.
The march is so important – I hope it will help to shape how the next stage develops.

There is no agreement on what Brexit could look like so it’s only right that we have a second vote to canvass opinion.

Further marches are planned for the autumn. I hope you will join us. More information on the People’s Vote and how you can join in the campaign is available here.

Mary Brexit March