Gerard Batten, London UKIP MEP, does not pay his TV Licence

Labour Party

gerardbattenThis has got to be one of the most bizarre press articles today.  Read it here.

Noel Edmonds, who lives in the south of France but stays in the UK while recording his Channel 4 show, appears not to be paying his TV licence. OK, I accept that his domicile may be unclear. However, both London UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten and Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky then both enter the frame.

Bukovsky has not paid his fee since 2001, claiming the BBC has a pro-European bias. His group, Vladimir Bukovsky’s TV Licence Refuseniks, has 1,500 members.

Commenting on the Noel Edmonds story, Gerard Batten, who is involved in Mr Bukovsky’s campaign and who has withheld his licence fee since August, allegedly said: “If what Noel Edmonds says is true, it appears the BBC and the TVLA are trying to close down the debate.
‘This is backed up by Vladimir Bukovsky not being prosecuted. They wouldn’t want someone of his intellectual ability in the witness box. Neither would they want to be seen to be prosecuting a high-profile presenter like Noel Edmonds.’ ”

Can someone please make sense of this?

Confusion aside, as far as I’m concerned, Gerard Batten is not paying his TV licence. End of story.