Letter to The Guardian

Labour Party

You may have read Nick Davies’ controversial article in The Guardian on Tuesday, in which he argued that there has been a ‘tide of misinformation’ surrounding sex trafficking and that figures have been exaggerated. This, I believe, is a highly dangerous and misleading conclusion to draw. I responded to this article with a letter, which was printed in yesterday’s edition of The Guardian. You can read it here. As I make clear, trafficking figures are often very difficult to determine since victims are frequently too afraid to come forward. Even if they do pluck up the courage to speak out about what they have endured, many find themselves too afraid to give evidence. As a result, the guilty are often charged with an offense that is quite different to the one they have committed (if they face prosecution at all).

If, like me, you feel strongly that trafficking is a vicious crime which must be tackled using the greatest possible resources, then join the hundreds of people who have already signed my petition to stop the Met closing down its specialist trafficking unit.