“Tolerance within” Dr. Ban Ki-moon makes veiled attack on France

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Speaking to Members of the European Parliament today UN Chief Dr. Ban Ki-moon raised the spectre of immigration in Europe. 

“As a friend of Europe, I share profound concerns,” he told MEPs, and went on to explain that the story of the 20th Century had been the narrative of winning peace in Europe, but now that the peace was won, the 21st century was about the struggle for “tolerance within”.  Dr. Ban then said that integration and equal opportunities for different cultures were never easy but they are profoundly important. People claiming to be liberal “accuse immigrants of violating European values”, but in actuality, the accusers were the violators themselves. 

Anyone who has been reading the news in recent months will know that these comments were squarely pointed at the French government and their recent actions towards the Roma.  These controversial and by all accounts illegal actions have led to Commissioner Reding likening Sarkozy’s Roma policy to the actions of the Nazis, and have prompted an investigation by the European Union in to their legality.  It may also have been inspired by Merkel’s very troubling remarks about multiculturalism.  It is almost too predictable that in times of economic turmoil people turn on those at the fringes of society, but I would certainly have hoped that we in Europe had learnt our lessons a long time ago.  Dr. Ki-moon’s comments were very welcome by a large section of the parliament today and I hope that both Sarkozy and Merkel will hear them.

Dr Ban’s theme was that the United Nations and the European Union were natural allies.  He discussed the various ways in which we can work together to make this a better world,  focusing on the Millennium Goals which he believes are in danger of slipping from us.  I was particularly encouraged by his declaration that the Global Strategy for women and children is his number one priority, stating that “the hardest to reach people in hardest to reach places” should remain the focus of the UNs energies.

David Cameron’s Friends Commemorate the SS

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Sometimes when I write about how extreme the Conservative Party’s friends in Europe are I am doubted. Today’s Independent has an article

Thousands pay tribute to Latvia’s fallen troops

which says

“This year, however, the occasion has put the spotlight on David Cameron’s Conservative Party, which is politically in bed with the event’s backers.”

the article concludes:

“Many Latvian SS veterans insist that they were not party to atrocities. However, Jewish groups point out that Latvian police were recruited by the Germans and took part in the Holocaust. They were responsible for the mass execution of Jews after the Nazi invasion in 1941. These men later willingly joined the Waffen SS. Historians point out that they were involved in a war against so-called “partisans” which almost certainly involved mass shootings.

With all my sympathy for the victims of Communism, the crimes of Communism are simply not the same as the Holocaust. Part of this is fuelled by a desire to deflect attention away from the extensive collaboration with the Nazis during the Second World War,” Mr Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre  said. “They thought they were fighting for Latvia but the real beneficiary of these men’s service and bravery was Nazi Germany.”

Shouldn’t a political party like this be working with the BNP not the British Conservative Party?


A BNP officer,  who works at City Hall at London tax payers’ expense, recently attended a conference in Milan where European neo-fascists gave Nazi salutes.  Simon Darby, who works for BNP London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook, appeared alongside such unsavoury types as French National Front MEP Bruno Gollnisch and the Italian far-right MEP Roberto Fiore.
Gollinsch was convicted of holocaust denial in 2007 while Fiore,  leader of the Forza Nuova party, was hunted by police after the Bologna station massacre in which 85 people lost their lives in 1980. He was later cleared of involvement, but convicted of “subversive association” and sentenced to nine years in prison.
Modern fascism: far-Right activists give Nazi salutes to speakers arriving at the meeting in Milan attended by Bruno Gollnisch MEP, who has been convicted of Holocaust denial

Modern fascism: far-Right activists give Nazi salutes to speakers arriving at the meeting in Milan attended by Bruno Gollnisch MEP, who has been convicted of Holocaust denial

This European meeting of European facists with UK BNP members offers a grim glimpse of what could happen if good people do not turn out to vote in the European elections this June, causing this ghastly party pick up seats in the European Parliament. Last year’s London elections showed how important voter turnout is. A very slightly higher turnout in the 2008 London Assembly elections could have stopped the BNP getting a seat on the London Assembly.

I totally agree with Len Duvall, Labour’s Leader in the London Assembly, who said in yesterday’s  “Evening Standard, “People who associate with those who promote Nazi ideology and who offer simplistic solutions to some of Britain’s most complex problems have no place in modern political llife.”