John Prescott speaks at the Lewisham East Annual Dinner

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9719_1248704741485_1345449531_30721058_1510141_n[1]John Prescott is always good value.  He was particularly entertaining at the Lewisham East CLP annual dinner held on Friday which I was pleased to go to with my partner, Chris Underwood, who has since been buried in Prezza’s book “Pulling No Punches”, copies of  which John signed at the dinner, the proceeds going to “Go Fourth”. John’s pictured signing books, this one is for Helen Buckley (thanks to Barry Buckley for the photos). Given John Prescott’s inimitable style, I won’t even attempt to report on what he said – let’s just say in was good knock about stuff with a serious side.9719_1248698821337_1345449531_30720991_10435_n[1]

The dinner, hosted by Bridget Prentice, the current Lewisham East MP, was also addressed by Heidi Alexander, recently selected as Lewisham East’s PPC.  Best of luck to Heidi; she is a good candidate and a worthy successor to Bridget.  Also present were old friends Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, and Kris Hibbert as well as local GLA Member Len Duvall who is also Chair of the London Labour Party Regional Board.

It was good to see John Muldoon and other party activists.  My special thanks to Alan Smith and Rebecca Packwood who did great work cooking the food and organising the event.


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Thought I would share with my readers John Prescott’s wonderful video that I saw at the LabourList Bloggers’ Breakfast this morning. It was a light hearted message to Peter Mandelson, who was present at the meeting!