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Tory GLA Member Brian Coleman has run up a £4,147 taxi bill this year – more than all the GLA Members put together, including Ken Livingstone. He managed to claim £420 in one fell swoop by asking the cab to wait while he addressed a meeting of the Jewish Forum in Barnet during December.

While I firmly believe we elected representatives need adequate resources to do our jobs, over four grand to travel round the capital seems a bit steep, especially since Ken’s transport improvements have made it much easier.

The odious Coleman denies booking any of the cars himself. He thought he was being ferried around in a GLA official car. “Because I’ve been Chairman and Deputy Chairman I’m entitled to an official car when attending official functions in the morning dress and wearing the diamonds around my neck,” he told “Metro” newspaper.

Yet there is no official car and indulging in the bells and whistles of office is Coleman’s choice ninety-nine percent of the time. Murad Qureshi, a Labour Member of the Greater London Assembly said, “He (Coleman) justifies getting taxis everywhere because he wears his bling around. There’s no reason for him even to be wearing it.”
You and I are paying Mr Coleman’s insecure need to puff himself up. His sense of self-importance is really quite extraordinary and expensive.