Commission, Margot Wallstrom, Sarkozy, Women MPs

In July the French take over the rotating presidency of the Council of Ministers. This means that for better or worse we’ll be seeing a lot more of President Sarkozy over the next six months.

According to The European Voice, “France is planning a grand symbolic gesture to launch its presidency of the Council of Ministers.” On 1st July women representatives of each Member State hope to climb Mont Blanc.

Rather than a “grand symbolic gesture”, wouldn’t it be more productive if President Sarkozy threw his weight behind a campaign, that I’ve signed up to, called Females in Front which hopes to promote more women into the top positions in the European Union. With women making up over half the population of the EU it is a disgrace that we are so under represented at the top.

How different things could have been had Segolene Royal been elected President.

Commissioner Margot Wallstrom has also blogged about this


Please sign the petition on the Females in Front website: