Letter published in Guardian today responding to article: Public gives more money to donkey sanctuary than abuse charities 23/04/08

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Dear Editor,

It is a national disgrace that the UK thinks donkeys are in greater need of charity than the 1.5 million female victims of domestic abuse each year, two of whom die at the hands of their abuser each week.

Charities and support groups to help women and children escape and recover from violent abusers should be at the heart of every civilized society. To exist these services strongly rely on the public’s charity.

The UK has a strong tradition of charity and the government and the individual have a responsibility to make sure this money is directed towards the most deserving cause. Sadly this is not the case; over its 39 years the donkey sanctuary has helped 12,000 donkeys. In 2006 alone they received £20m in donations. That’s over £1,500 per donkey. Contrast that to the 1.5 million women abused last year and the combined income of all women’s abuse charities of £17m and it’s clear people need to rethink their standing orders.

Mary Honeyball MEP
Labour, women’s rights committee