Tourism industry hit by Brexit says industry chief

Labour Party

ABTA chief, Mark Tanzer, will say in a speech today that the failure of being straight about the consequences of Brexit will have a knock-on effect on tourism. Unless both sides can agree the terms over key areas such as trade, aviation, and the rights of workers to be posted overseas then there will be significant consequences for the tourist industry. And we know that some airlines have been vocal about the potential for a reduction in flights to and from the continent.

In his annual address to the industry Tanzer will say: “The access, security and rights that our membership of the EU has provided have benefited UK citizens and businesses here and overseas, bringing a vast range of destinations into scope.

“The 53 million trips from the UK to the EU every year are a vital trade and cultural artery; the challenge for the politicians and the diplomats is to maintain this flow into the future.”

It was also announced today that UK passports will change colour from the European burgundy to navy. “So, what!” I hear you say. However, the £490m contract could be awarded to the French firm Gemalto by the Home Office for the next 10 years, meaning the current production in the UK will end.

The chief executive of the British based firm which currently produces the passports spoke this morning on the Today Programme and said: “come to my factory and explain my dedicated workforce why they think this is a sensible decision to offshore the manufacture of a British icon.”