Gerard Batten is a thoroughly nasty man

Gerard Batten, Labour Party, UKIP

As UKIP selects its new interim leader, I have issued the following statement.

“Gerard Batten purports to be a London representative yet his views couldn’t conflict more with the majority of people in multi-cultural, diverse London.

“I don’t like Batten and I don’t share his views which I believe to be inflammatory, divisive and morally reprehensible.

“He has been known to wear a Union Jack style jacket in the European Parliament and into the chamber, UKIP is only group to behave like this and its only purpose is to goad other MEPs.

“I have endless examples of some of his more extreme views. Within the last 24 hours alone he has been forced to explain previous claims, which include him suggesting Islam is a “death cult”, saying the comments were “factually and historically true” (reported in The Sun).

“He also stated, in yesterday’s interview with Sky News, that: “No foreign money should be allowed to fund extremist mosques and imams.”

“I have a further list of some of his outrageous opinions which include: suggesting that killing prisoners will save money, voted against supporting EU wide domestic violence programmes.*

“Unfortunately, he is now in a position where his voice will undoubtedly be heard with increasing regularity, whilst his views remain completely at odds with so many of those who I (and apparently he) represent.”

* Links to Gerard Batten’s views:


How killing Prisoners will save money:

Voted against combatting domestic violence using EU initiatives: