Guest Blog – Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Party

Today’s guest blog is from Hendon Labour Party activist David Beere. I have campaigned with David for 4 decades and he was always a great supporter when I was a councillor in Barnet. David’s email was prompted by an email from Jeremy Corbyn on Iraq.



I have been a member for 47 year and have no intention of going anywhere. 

Dear Mr Corbyn,


In 2003 I voted at my General Committee against intervention in Iraq.( I well remember the figures 10 against-6 for).


I was not convinced by the arguments for intervention at the time and neither were many others . Having been a party member for 47 years I have known who you were for many years.


Whether we like it or not the fact that the Commons followed the lead of the government in approving intervention set a precedent for military action.The government of the day should be given the credit for this.


The decision having been made, military personnel at the time deserved support. I think it fair to say that you did not agree with this.And yet I now note your sympathies for those families who lost military relatives.  This is not consistent ,to put it very mildly.


Your increasingly frequent missives are no doubt connected with the fact that you do not have the confidence of the Parliamentary Labour Party. No doubt many members will feel that you deserve loyalty. I do not. I was emphatically what would now be called a critical friend of the New Labour Government. As a very ordinary member of the party, however, I was not disloyal and did not align myself with anti-Labour organisations such as the Stop the War Coalition. Its leadership seems to have comprised various strands of trotskyism , communism and Greens. You had every right to vote against the Labour whip. I would probably agreed with you on some counts. However you took your disloyalty  to phenomenal levels. Given this can you seriously expect those of us who have had continuous membership of the Labour party for all our adult lives to take you seriously because you have a ‘mandate’ from people who have just managed to bring themselves to join or part with £3?


Given constraints of work and family I have done what I can for Labour over the years, whatever the leadership and whatever the policies-and whatever the source of those policies.


Polling suggests that 90% of Labour members supported Remain. You did not support those members at all. You seemingly declined many opportunities for publicity and your comments in favour of Remain seemed measured to the point of indifference. You showed no leadership over Europe at all. In your campaign to become leader you made much of the fact that you believed you could motivate those who were normally non-voters to follow your lead. On June 23 the ‘extra’  voters (beyond the General Election turnout) were undoubtedly Leave voters. And they were overwhelmingly in what used to be called Labour heartlands. In class terms they were massively the least well-off. Your actions ,or rather lack of them, have given many such people the chance to identify with UKIP and vote for it in the future.


You should take responsibility for this.


For the sake of the Party you should resign.


David Beere


P.S.To “the team’.I don’t suppose this will get anywhere near The Emperor but I hope somebody will tell him about his new clothes.