Trailblazing Women Recognised at 60th Women of the Year Awards

Labour Party

Now in its 60th year, the Women of the Year awards recognised the outstanding achievements of several tenacious and courageous women at this year’s awards.

The judging panel said the award winners were selected because of “their perseverance and courage in the face of some of the most serious issues facing women today.”

The winners included Cokie van der Velde, a water sanitation expert and aid worker for the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres, who spent time in Liberia helping to combat Ebola by ensuring safe water was provided to affected communities.

And an astrophysicist was recognised with a lifetime achievement award for her ‘remarkable contribution to science.’

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, received her award at the event after it was revealed her male colleagues were awarded a Nobel Prize for their work but she was excluded. A true trailblazer, the scientist was also recognised for breaking a number of glass ceilings. She was one of the first women to study science at Cambridge. She was the first president of the Institute of Physics and in 2014 was the first woman to be appointed as president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

It’s fascinating to learn of the extraordinary work these women do. They are trailblazers who without even realising it are cracking the glass ceiling bit by bit while focussing on making the world a better, healthier and safer place. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

The list of winners at the 2015 awards were:
• Cokie van der Velde, Barclays Women of the Year Award winner
• Kristin Hallenga, DFS Women of the Year Award winner – Outstanding Young Campaigner
• Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Prudential Women of the Year Award winner – Lifetime Achievement
• Jayne Senior, Good Housekeeping Women of the Year Award winner – Outstanding Achievement
• Dame Stephanie Shirley, Women of the Year Special Award
• Pat Rogers ITV’s Lorraine Inspirational Woman of the Year Award winner – chosen by the ITV Lorraine viewers