Date set for scrapping of mobile roaming charges

Labour Party

Roaming charges are to be scrapped, and finally a date has been set. In just under two years (15 June 2017) Europeans will pay the same price as they do at home when they use their mobile phone anywhere within the EU.

The networks will phase in the new rules: from April 2016, operators will be limited to the following maximum roaming charges: €0.20 per MB, €0.06 per SMS and €0.05 per minute.

There will also be stricter net neutrality rules, from April next year when internet service providers will be banned from blocking any online content apps and services. However, the net neutrality rules will allow blocking for some exceptions, such as to counter cyber-attacks.

The announcement is significant because EU governments had previously said roaming charges for mobile phone users travelling in the 28-member bloc should remain at least until the end of 2018.

The new rules will have a significant impact on over 500 million Europeans who are affected the minute they leave their own country and arrive at another European destination. Not only will the rules be clearer but European citizens will no longer be penalised for making calls or sending messages back home.