‘Calm down dear’

Labour Party

“Calm down Dear”- the now infamous quote David Cameron snarled at Angela Eagle back in 2011, and which was done in patronising tones. And today Lord Hill, Britain’s EU Commissioner, called for ‘calm’ following Cameron’s hysterical response to finding out the UK owed £1.7bn to the EU.

Speaking in measured tones Lord Hill’s said the right response to the situation was to calmly find a solution.

Cameron reacted angrily last month on learning of the bill and has further infuriated our European partners by saying he won’t pay what is owed by the 1 December deadline.

Addressing the issue, however, Hill outlined how he intended to resolve it. Somewhat diplomatically he said it was a technical matter which a ‘group of people’ (translated as the government) have let become political.

Thankfully Hill has a better understanding than Cameron of how the business of politics works in the EU and understands that ranting and stomping about simply doesn’t work.

Asked by John Humphrey’s on the Today Programme his thoughts on his new role he said that he viewed his job was to act as a translator between his old friends in the UK and his new friends in the EU.

Again indicating he has a better understanding of Britain’s position in the European Union than many of his UK colleagues, Hill said he was required to act in the interests of all the EU’s 28 states, not just promote UK views.