Tories May Consider All Women Shortlists After 2015

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In comments to Mumsnet recently, new Tory Women’s Minister Nicky Morgan, has said that the Conservatives may consider all women shortlists after the next general election.

I’ll give you the exchange as it appears on Mumsnet, the Jo refered to is Lib Dem Jo Swinson.

NickyMorganMPTue 24-Jun-14 13:33:06


This is one for Jo and Nicky really.

Labour has already made big strides with women’s representation through all-women shortlists.

Do you (Jo and Nicky) personally agree with that as a way of increasing women’s presence as MPs?

If not, what measures do you think should be taken? (Or do you not think anything should be done?)

What are your parties currently doing to increase the numbers of female MPs? Both LibDems and Tories have pretty lamentable records on this.

Nicky Morgan MP:

Well, I think David Cameron’s policy on having an “A” list of candidates before the 2010 election and introducing things such as gender blind CVs shows the Conservative Party is taking this very seriously. I do think the big issue is we just aren’t getting enough women coming forward (which is an issue for all Parties) – we are seeing more women selected now in our seats. I think we need to see where we end up in 2015 and if we are still struggling to get more women MPs then no option is off the table.

It is encouraging to hear a Tory acknowledging the problem they have with their lack of female representatives, I can’t help but feel that waiting till after 2015 is really not good enough.

I have spoken many times before about the appalling underrepresentation of women in Westminster. 147 out of 650 (22%) is nowhere near good enough, but the stats are even worse within the Tories, with 48 out of 304 (15.7%).

The excuse of not enough women coming forward rings very hollow. It might be more to do with the fact that the Tories simply don’t care enough about gender equality. Rather than starting to do something now, the year before an election, Nicky Morgan is going to wait till afterwards, at which point the problem will almost certainly have become worse.

Representation of women is a matter for all political parties – Labour certainly does not have a monopoly on the issue. However, so far it’s only Labour that has made any real headway.

One thought on “Tories May Consider All Women Shortlists After 2015

  1. Until women get equal representation then scandals like Jimmy Savile’s rape and assault of young females, Tuam’s 800 children dumped in a cesspit, the constant poor policing of gendered crime such as DV, rape and child abuse will continue, since it is the boys club protecting its own. 1 in 3 girls currently is subject to gender violence in school and even when I brought this to the attention of Secretary of State for Schools via my 6 year old daughter’s case where she had to leave her primary school for her own safety, the various government institutions simply did not treat the sexual abuse of a child by a group of boys as serious. They regarded it as a problem with the paperwork rather than a serious problem with discriminatory attitudes of the men who were meant to be protecting her and other vulnerable females in our school system. I have no faith in our state institutions to do anything about this as it goes right to the heart of gender inequality, and as most must have noticed, whilst there was a policy to disappear the ‘fallen girls’ of the UK who were made pregnant often through rape, state sponsored ignorance of sexual reproduction matters or coercion, the actual perpetrators of these crimes were left totally unpunished. It was estimated that around 80,000 women were locked up in UK mental institutions in the 80s who shouldn’t have been there and most were victims of gender attacks that the State didn’t want to admit even happened in order to protect male power.

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