UKIP councillors favour the death penalty

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Almost half of UKIP’s pitiful gang of local councillors (202 in total) want the death penalty as a sentencing option for murder.

The death penalty finds even greater favour amongst this barbaric group when linked to certain types of murder – nearly three-quarters of UKIP councillors believe it should be a sentencing option for murder committed by terrorists while 70 per cent think the death penalty should be allowed for the murder of a police officer and 66 per cent want it for the murder of a child.

Fifty-eight per cent of these U-kippers believe the death penalty should be available for a racially motivated murder, presumably the killing of a white British person by someone from another ethnic group.

This astonishing and deeply worrying information was flagged up in a survey of UKIP councillors commissioned by the BBC Sunday Politics show on, amongst other things, their positions on crime and climate change.

UKIP views on climate change are, in fact, though qualitatively different, no better than how they feel about the death penalty.

Eighty-two per cent believe climate change is either not happening or human activity is not mainly responsible. The percentage for the former is 18 per cent while 64 per cent adhere to the latter position.

This survey only serves to confirm what we already know – UKIP inhabit a space beyond any imaginable civilised pale. Not only do they support judicial murder which is outlawed across the European Union, but they also refuse to face up to the fact that our planet is being laid waste by our unsustainable consumerist demands.

The survey highlights in graphic detail just what UKIP are about. Their appalling MEP Godfrey Bloom is already on record as wishing to abolish the public sector, which incidentally includes the NHS. Now they want to return to the days when the state could take away someone’s life.

UKIP are neither right not moral. Killing a person is killing however you look at it, and two wrongs will never make a right.

And we all know in our heart of hearts that our here today and gone tomorrow lifestyle is destroying planet earth, the only home we have.

I like to think that as a society we strive to improve and develop. UKIP are a disgusting throwback to an earlier, more primitive and less humanitarian age. I don’t want that and I would hope the readers of this blog do not want it either. 

The survey was carried out for the Sunday Politics show by ComRes, who surveyed 101 UKIP councillors in England & Wales between 28th June and 3rd July. The Sunday Politics show broadcast the results and interviews with three UKIP Buckinghamshire councillors on Sunday 7th July 2013.


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2 thoughts on “UKIP councillors favour the death penalty

  1. and what about the people with a far more urbane and civilised image… the neo-liberals

    I rather think they are responsible for rather more deaths than clowns such as Farage will ever be

  2. There are too many “what if”s and “yes, but”s involved, to make judicially decreed homicide completely safe. As a UK taxpayer, I’d rather my money was spent on keeping the really violent criminals in prison for life, than run the risk of another case such as Stefan Kiszko.

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