Reforming the Common Fisheries Policy

Labour Party

Fish Photo

A considerable number of Londoners have been contacting me about how I will vote next week in Strasbourg regarding the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).  The main points people are raising are that the CFP, in its current form, has led to disastrous overfishing by failing to properly restrict unsustainable and destructive fishing practices.

I agree with everything people are saying and I, along with my Labour MEP colleagues, have been involved in the pro-reform Fish For the Future group since it was set up at the start of the legislative process. We have worked to bring about reform. I was pleased that most of the key ideas were accepted by the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee in a vote just before Christmas. However, the vote in Committee was very tight (13 – 10).  You can read the procedure file for the legislation by following the link here.  It is important that people who care about this issue, to keep up the pressure lobbying MEPs if we want to ensure a majority to back these reforms when the legislation is voted on by the full Parliament next Wednesday. I then trust that the Fisheries Ministers from the 27 EU countries to support them as well.

Campaigning at the grassroots level as people are doing is really important in persuading MEPs and Ministers to back reform. I want to thank everyone who has so far taken the time to write to me.  I will be working for Londoners next week in Strasbourg to ensure a sustainable fisheries policy.