Honeyball’s Weekly Round-Up

Labour Party

Hardly anyone can have missed the banking scandal story which dominated headlines for most of last week. In the Mail on Sunday this weekend Ed Miliband offered his vision for the future of big banking.

This morning he is due to reveal his plans. He will say that the high street banks sell off 1000 local branches and that the big five banks become seven. Miliband wants them to be forced into small businesses and to see them put an end to selling complex and dangerous products.

The Mail on Sunday article reveals the extent of his anger. He is furious at their arrogance and extravagance. “Look at Bob Diamond, a £22mn pay off, £120mn over the last few years. You think ‘aghh’ that’s totally off whack.” And if by ‘off whack’ he means inappropriate, then he’s completely right.

The interview is perhaps one of the most revealing to date and discusses the influence his father, Ralph had on him. If you are unsure of what Ed Miliband is about then this interview gives a thorough insight into his vision, his plans and his agenda. You can read the full article here.

Last week the business magazine, Management Today announced its top 35 women under 35. Yesterday’s Sunday Times had full profiles of the rising stars as listed by the magazine. They hail from all walks of life, including jewellery designers, bankers, tax experts, art directors and lawyers. It’s lists like these that remind us why encouraging women to aim for the top jobs can and will pay off.

It’s a reality that many of these women are still operating in a male dominated environment, yet they are young, ambitious and determined.

You can read the full profile of all the women in the latest issue of Management Today.

Also in the Sunday Times this week is a revelation that celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver has been side-lined by education secretary, Michael Gove, in the minister’s latest attempt to improve school food. Instead of using the campaigning chef who has worked tirelessly over the last few years to highlight the lack of quality school meals offered to our children, Gove appointed to restaurateurs.

Insiders believe the snub which has resulted in Oliver being rules out of a formal advising role, relates to the Chefs repeated attacks on Gove and praise for the Labour’ governments policy.

Gove had an opportunity to use and experienced and passionate campaigner who knows and understands the situation; instead he chose to snub the chef because of his apparent attacks. I had thought politicians were made of thicker skin? You can read the full story here.