‘Reading Between the Lines’: Offical Launch of my Report

Labour Party

I’ve commissioned a report that explores the link between sex advertising in local papers and human trafficking. Today it launches.

The report has been sent to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. I hope the Mayor addresses my concerns identified within the report that  vulnerable women are used to advertise services. Also the report found that charities use these adverts to identify vulnerable women and offer outreach work to them once they’ve been identified. The Mayor must ensure that proper resources are available to stakeholders so that they are not reliant on using such advertisements to identify victims.

Please read this important report by clicking the image above following the link here.

One thought on “‘Reading Between the Lines’: Offical Launch of my Report

  1. ‘Trafficking’ is the boil in the bag verb for slavery in the 20/21st century. These women aren’t vulnerable, they are bought and sold as animals, for the commercial rape trade. Until we start calling a spade a spade, we will as a country, continue to turn a blind eye to the men that buy and sell women as animals and the UK men that pay to rape.

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