Honeyball’s Weekly Round-Up

Labour Party

After a week off, Lord Leveson will resume his inquiry into press standards today. Today it is the turn of Chancellor George Osborne. Yesterday’s Observer revealed his meetings with Murdoch will be under scrutiny and we will learn how the Tories relationships developed with News Corp executives following private social gatherings and Swiss chalet parties attended by News Corp executives.

Over the weekend Toby Helm’s piece said that ‘Sources close to the chancellor insisted last night that it was complete rubbish “to suggest that any deal to secure Tory support for the bid had been done struck in the chalet as Osborne had not learnt that the bid was happening until well after the election.’

The Labour Party has suggested that it will call for a new system of independent regulation of the press.

What exactly will emerge as a result of the  inquiry remains to be seen, but any new system of regulation will have to be robust and have power’s to impose sanctions on anyone falling foul of the rules.

That said, a free and independent press is something Britain rightly prides itself on and that must remain the case, but with a proper system of independent regulation. You can read Toby Helm’s piece here.

Meanwhile with the Olympics just 46 days away, Brooke Magnanti- better known by her alias ‘Belle de Jour’, is supporting a campaign which has written to the Mayor of London addressing fears that police tactics are compromising the safety of sex workers. The letter believes the raids are part of a clean-up operation which target sex workers working in establishments across London in the run up to the Olympics.

Police tactics must be proportionate and this is a sensitive area of policing.  Vulnerable women must not be deterred from reporting crimes or from coming forward to seek help and support.

Support must always be the ultimate goal and outreach work must never be compromised. You can read the article in full here.