LBC Radio Debate on Female Representation in Politics

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This is the clip of the debate I took part in on Sunday for Iain Dale’s show on LBC Radio.  We were discussing the underrepresentation of women at all levels of politics.  I was joined in the debate by Siân Berry, former Green Party London Mayoral Candidate, and Margot James, Tory MP for Stourbridge.  It was a lively and interesting discussion with a fairly high degree of accord.  We may not have agreed on the means, but we all believe there should be more women in politics.

You can listen to the first part of the debate via the media player above, with the second part below.

One thought on “LBC Radio Debate on Female Representation in Politics

  1. In a Tv interview many years ago, William F. Buckley rendered PM Margaret Thatcher (briefly) speechless when she responded to his question about possible barriers to British women’s participation in politics. In her grandest,utterly self-possessed manner, Mrs. Thatcher waved aside any such possibility, assuring Mr. Buckley that any capable woman could succeed in a political career in Britain. Mr. Buckley waited two beats and then announced, “You have just told me that there are very few capable women in Britain.”

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