Nigel Farage gets too much air time (continued)

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The House of Commons remains a UKIP free zone. While the three mainstream parties have much thinking to do about the result of the Bradford West by-election, UKIP was absolutely nowhere, getting a mere 3.31% of the vote. UKIP, in fact, lost their deposit which is forfeited if the candidate gains less than five per cent.

This UKIP by-election wipe-out obviously lends weight to the argument that we see far too much of the hard right party in the form of their leader Nigel Farage in the UK media.

Last week I talked about Farage’s appalling and often gratuitous rudeness. It is a form of behaviour apparently followed by many in his party. Since starting to write about Farage, I have received a number of comments on this blog, many of which I didn’t post because they were rude for its own sake and made no discernible points. Many were also anonymous, and I do feel that if someone is going to say things about another person they should at least have the bottle to put their name to it.

Below is a small sample of the comments I received. In the interests of decency I have not included the very worst.

                                                                      Anonymous Flagged as spam by maryhoneyballmepSubmitted   on 2012/03/23   at 2:05 pmSo the most recent example of his rudeness you state was   over two years ago? I mean come on. You also seem to equate his apparent   rudeness to why he shouldn’t get coverage or as a reason why his views   shouldn’t be taken seriously.
To be honest, I’m not too concerned if a politician is rude as long as they   fight for British interests, as that is what you’re there for!
I think instead of trying to patronize and belittle him, you should get   yourself on TV and debate against him about policies, not manners. I’d like   to see how you fair.
Nigel   Farage gets too much air time (continued)
     WG Flagged as spam by maryhoneyballmepSubmitted   on 2012/03/23   at 12:22 pmMs Honeyball,Herman van Rompuy has not been elected by any one person   out of 500 million – unlike Farage who has.

Van Rompuy’s position in the European Union, like   Catherine Ashton, was created by the Lisbon Treaty – again not one person was   allowed to vote on this.

The Lisbon Treaty was a replacement for the European   Constitution, turned down by the Dutch and French – the rest of us were   denied a vote.

Except Ireland, who said NO to the Lisbon Treaty but were   bullied/blackmailed/bribed into changing their vote to YES.

In 2008 an amendment on the Irish referendum was put   before the EU parliament:

-2a. Undertakes to respect the outcome of the referendum   in Ireland.

499 MEPs voted against respecting the outcome of the Irish   referendum.

At a time of awful austerity, we are paying massive   amounts of money, towards an institution whose imposition we have not voted   for and we are paying immoral salaries to van Rompuy and Ashton – not   forgetting their departments full of apparatchiks and chauffeur-driven fleets   of limousines, and we aren’t even allowed to say whether we want all of this.

This you hold up as democracy – whatever happened to “no   taxation without representation”

And you worry about about Farage calling van Rompuy a damp   rag.

“Damp rag” doesn’t quite do it, I’m afraid.


Nigel   Farage gets too much air time (continued)
     Pete Submitted on 2012/03/23   at 11:54 amThanks for your most timely alert to Nigel’s lambasting of   Herman!!!If it wasn’t for the fact that so many people disagree   with you, you’d probably be correct in your assertion, and yes he does grab   attention, just as Denis Healey did when he claimed an attack from Howe was   “like being savaged by a dead sheep”. That’s politics…… they do that sort of   thing…. like it or not.

Thanks for your most timely alert to Nigel’s lambasting of Herman!!!


Nigel   Farage gets too much air time (continued)
     Antoine Flagged as spam by maryhoneyballmepSubmitted   on 2012/03/23   at 10:26 amahahhaah the Liblabcon is trying to save their seats. It s   the same to what s happening in France right now and I can tell you that it   is not raising the level of the debate.  Nigel   Farage gets too much air time
     andy5759 Flagged as spam by maryhoneyballmepSubmitted   on 2012/03/19   at 8:14 pmUKIPPERS should all be rounded up and hanged from   lampposts. They actually believe that criminals should be PUNISHED among   other vile preposterous thoughts! They want us out of Europe, how do they   think we can survive without the guiding hand of a German like Angela Merkel   to keep us on the road to the sunlit uplands of utopia? How can they get away   with thoughts like that in this modern, progressive day and age? Next thing   you know they will think they are better than political giants like Baroness   Glenys Kinnock or her male partner Baron Kinnock of Bedwetty. They probably   even think that Baroness Ashton, our highly accomplished European foreign   minister, got the job for reasons other than her tremendous intellect and   list of international contacts to rival that of Liz Windsor-Sax-Coburg. Why   aren’t you a Baroness yet Mary?  Nigel   Farage gets too much air time (continued)