Honeyball’s Weekly Round-Up

Labour Party

Google came under fire last week following the announcement it was ot change it’s privacy policy.

The EU comissioner of Justice Viviane Reding was scathing in her rebuke in which she stated that European treaties had been set up to protect peoples personal data from being put at risk.

Ms Reding along with the French Data Protection Authorities pointed out that Google was in breach of the 1995 EU directive on data protection.

The French organisation has since written to Google.

Google insisted that it had consulted widely about the changes. Ms Reding said it was OK for the giant to use the data but it required informed consent from people first. ‘The choice is not with the company – the choice is with the people. It’s for the individual to judge.’

You can read an exclusive interview in the Guardian with Ms Reding here.

Meanwhile, the British PM’s growth plan which was sent to Brussels some weeks ago failed to be included in any of the proposals in a draft text compiled by Herman Van Rompuy.

In a further embarrassing twist for the British Prime Minister it was revealed that Van Rompuy did include proposals from France and Germany, almost word for word.

During a summit the British Prime Minister made a somewhat embarrassing complaint that his call for “clear targets, timetables setting out dates and accountability” had been snubbed. It’s hardly surprising that Cameron has been left in the cold; his less than positive approach so far has rendered him a joke among many.

If he’s serious about being part of the debate then his policies need to begin to reflect it. You can read Bruno Waterfields full report in last week’s Telegraph, here.

Respected newspaper European Voice covered the signing of the fiscal treaty here which both the Czech Republic and the UK abstained from signing.

European Voice also reported that Commissioner Reding is expected to announce she will legislate for the establishment of quotas for the number of women on company boards after only  24 companies signed up to Reding’s ‘Woman on the Board Pledge’ which aimed to increase the proportion of women on their boards.

You can read the full report here, and I will update you during the week on further announcements.