Seema Malhotra for Feltham & Heston

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I love by-elections. There’s a special kind of buzz and when you’ve acted as I did as one of Peter Tatchell’s “minders” in Southwark & Bermondsey a few deacdes ago, things can only get better! I was delighted to get out the vote in the Heston part of Feltham & Heston tonight.  Some people complained about the cold, but having flown in from Strasbourg I found it warmer, albeit not much. At least as the sages of the Labour office opposite Hounslow West underground said – it was dry.

We’re now in that twilight zone between polls closing and the result being announced. I’m hoping the result may come early, but like many people I will probably be watching it in bed in the early hours. This evening I was fortunate to be paired with my good friend Sally Prentice from Vauxhall. We were very lucky that local Hounslow activist Rasheed Bhatti was with us. Rasheed provided the inside track on local issues. people like Rasheed are the unsung heroes of the Labour Party. Thank you to both of them and the dozens of other volunteers (even of other parties) who bring our democracy to the people. I even had a fringe candidate to dodge when coming out of Hounslow West tube.

My thanks also to Colin Ellar who works part time for me as a caseworker, but is also a Hounslow councillor and was on tannoy duty, and has kept me briefed throughout the campaign.

Everyone I met said what a great candidate Seema Malhotra had been. Shortly, I trust, we’ll be saying what a great MP Seema Malhotra is, representing the area where she was brought up.

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