Hackney Labour in Brussels

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Earlier this week I was delighted to welcome a visiting group of members of Hackney Labour Party to Brussels. The European Parliamentary Labour Party’s Secretary General Giampi Alhadeff (pictured by the plants) is a Hackney resident and he had been the driving force behind the intensive visit to the European Parliament to meet MEPs and Parliamentary officers.

As the pictures show we had an enjoyable meal. There were speeches from Stoke Newington Councillor Rita Krishna, who is Hackney’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services; former councillor John Hudson from Hackney South Labour Party and Giampi Alhadeff. Giampi had organised an excellent programme of meetings as sevral of those at the dinner told me.

Regrettably my London Labour MEP colleague Claude Moraes was unable to join us. Claude is unwell and everybody at the dinner wished him a speedy recovery from his current illness. Claude is a Hackney resident so it was particularly unfortunate that he missed our dinner.

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