The European Heritage Label

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Today the European Parliament will be having a final vote on the European Heritage Label.  This will be the report’s second reading.  I wrote about it almost a year ago when we had the first vote in the Parliament, which you can read about here.  I want to congratulate my colleague, Chrysoula Paliadeli, on writing this report and getting it through the Parliament.  I know how much work it must have been and the end product is one that she can be proud of.

Last night was the debate where I spoke in favour of the Label.  You can watch the video by following the link here.

One thought on “The European Heritage Label

  1. Extraordinary – the EU hovers on the brink & the EP is has its head firmly in the sand wasting time on this.

    It is as irrelevant & unwanted now as it was a year ago. You should re-post the comments made on you article then

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