Honeyball’s Weekly Round Up

Labour Party

Today I have given quiet reflection to all those brave people who lost their lives and their families who survived them in New York 10 years ago.

It’s not a time to ask questions or pass judgement, this can wait until tomorrow. Today is for remembering them and showing our respect.

I was disappointed to learn this week that UKIP continues to mock the EU with its xenophobic attitude. I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised by their attitude but when you are part of building and fostering something in which you believe in so strongly it never fails to make you angry.

On this occasion it was due to the UKIP inviting two prominent figures from European anti-immigration parties to address its annual conference.

The key note speaker was Timo Soini, the leader of the True Finns, a previously fringe nationalist party which scored a surprise success by coming third in the Finnish general election.

The Independent reported how the party (True Finns) have also described immigrants as “parasites on taxpayers’ money” and suggested ethnically Finnish women should study less and spend
more time having babies.

The other speaker at UKIP’s annual conference was the MEP Barry Madlener, of the Dutch Freedom Party. Its leader, I’m sure you’ll know if Geert Wilders. You can read more on this here.

It was quite a messy week for the Tories back in the UK and their social and health care bill. Much attention was rightly given to the debate of the abortion amendment, of which I have discussed my views widely on this blog.

Cameron had initially given his full support for the bill, before withdrawing it on the eve of the vote. When Nadine Dorries addressed this in the chamber during PMQs she was humiliated by her own leader who told his raucous audience ‘the member is clearly frustrated.’

He then proceeded to sit down without answering her question which asked if he’d stop giving greater support to his deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, rather than to what he truly believed in.

Humiliation, confusion, uncertainty- it’s abundantly clear that the Conservative led coalition doesn’t know which way to turn. You can read more on the very public humiliation of Dorries (in her own words) here.

The Independent struck a chord again this week. This time it was in reference to a report on the UKs housing crisis. Conditions, it said, are among the worst in Western Europe.

Slum housing, according to an alliance of housing experts, is a result of a lack of affordable, decent homes, cuts to local authority housing budgets and the Coalition Government’s benefit reforms which has created a “real hardship, misery and ill-health” for some of the country’s most vulnerable people.

As a result it is costing the nation an estimated £7bn a year the report found.  It’s shameful that we have failed are most vulnerable members of society. Led by the coalition government we have failed to help these people to help themselves- the current situation of cuts doesn’t just leave these people in hardship, but it makes them even more vulnerable at a time when they need our help the most.

You can read the full story here.