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Another week and another clash with Europe, this time it was over the issue of human rights legislation. Britain’s most senior judges have warned that new legislation threatens “the way the entire system of criminal justice in this country works”. They have warned that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has rejected fundamental rules of criminal evidence enacted by Parliament to ensure that criminals do not escape conviction. You can read the full story here.

Whatever the case the ECHR is unpopular here because the Conservative led government is unhappy with many of its rulings. However, I was not surprised that the Government will seek to reform the relationship between the ECHR and national parliaments when it assumes chairmanship of the Council of Europe in November. It follows controversial rulings on sex offenders and votes for prisoners. I blogged on both of these at the time and am more in agreement with the ECHR than the Con-Dems on both these issues.

The usually pro-European Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show that the government intended to scrutinise the UK’s relationship with the ECHR following calls from a large number of Conservative backbenchers for the UK to walk away from the ECHR because they are unhappy with its rulings. However, once again these little England Tories show a huge lack of understanding of the ECHR. You can read more on this here.

One thought on “Honeyball’s Weekly Round-Up

  1. A couple of points.

    ‘the ECHR is unpopular here because the Conservative government is unhappy with many of its rulings’. Absolutely correct that the ECHR is unpopular – it is certainly unpopular with me but I didn’t need the ConDems to work out why I don’t like it. The day when I need that shower of ne’er-do-wells to do my thinking for me will be a very sad day indeed.

    I have to question that Kenneth Clarke is pro-European. He is pro-EU but being in favour of the EU’s corrupt federal institution is not the same thing. One could say that being pro-Europe and pro-EU are opposites. If someone is in favour of Europe why would they want to see it ruled by a top-down, inefficient, wasteful, undemocratic government?

    I am pro-North Korea, that’s why I would be delighted to see the end of its top-down, inefficient, wasteful, undemocratic government.

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