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Thank you for all the very kind messages whilst I have been suffering from shingles.

My laptop and ipad have meant I’ve been able to catch up on emails and paperwork, even when, as prescribed by my doctor I have been “resting”. Cue Daily Express headlines “MEP asleep on the job” – no doubt! The largest amount of casework I’ve received this year has been to sign  European Written Declaration 81, which urges the European Parliament to pass legislation making it mandatory for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) to be fitted with technology that eliminates the driver’s “blind spot”.

I signed it several weeks ago and I’m pleased several hundred people have written to me on this subject, and appreciate the friendly correspondence from many Londoners. This should be a cross party issue where health and safety is put first. My Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green colleagues have all joined with me. However, UKIP MEP Gerard Batten has “principles”. He has refused to join with this initiative to reduce cycling fatalities. His “principles” mean he does not want to support this measure to reduce the number of cyclists dying in London.

Cycling blogger “That Guy Hex” (pictured) questions whether they are appropriate here. He summarises:

“The UKIP. Always ready to do nothing in the name of “principle”. Even if doing something could contribute to preventing people from having entirely preventable and worthless deaths.”

2 thoughts on “UKIP Principles

  1. The Labour Party is not short of people prepared to do nothing in the EU institutions; Baroness Ashton is receiving a huge salary for doing nothing.

    A UKIP MEP has a completely different task to a Federalist MEPs in the Lib/Lab/Con Party. They want to get the UK out of the EU. Since they and their voters don’t think the EU has the right to make rulings on national matters in the UK their reluctance to support EU wide rulings is completely understandable.

    As for their doing nothing in the name of principle, what principles do the Federalists have? Their motivations are both clear and unedifying but as for principles I can only think of one – We hold this truth to be self evident that UK interests should be sacrificed in the cause of EU Nationalism.

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