Buzz TV Episode Three

Labour Party

This episode was recorded last week before I was ill. We explore the issue of child exploitation and protection of children on the internet, something which is being voted on in Strasbourg this week.

One thought on “Buzz TV Episode Three

  1. These vlogs are a good idea and I hope that they will continue.

    Now that we have had a few it might be time to consider how they can be made as effect as possible and I would like to offer what I hope will be constructive comments on them.

    The role of the interviewer should be considered. Relevant questions were asked but it never really felt like a conversation and we never saw the interviewer or even learned her name.

    I would not suggest that a Jeremy Paxman style combative interview would be all that helpful or appropriate and neither would a 1950s BBC style interview – the sort where an interviewer with very crisp enunciation says things like, ‘thank you for your interesting observations minister and finally could we possibly press you, sir for your views on foreign policy or perhaps you would like to comment on the economy’?

    Something in between would in my view be good with the interviewer featuring more prominently and asking rather more searching questions in order to give the exchange a more conversational feel.

    Perhaps for some of the vlogs Mary could be interviewed by a colleague in the Parliament?

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