The Perils of Sexy Polish Girls

Labour Party

That title is a little unusual for this blog, let me explain why. The excellent Political Scrapbook has drawn my attention to how iPhones can juxtapose adverts with my posts. Click here to see the full story. It appears from the comments that this type of advert will only appear depending on your browsing history.

Robin Pollard writes: “are the adverts not oriented to the viewer of the website? Meaning the reason it’s showing up polish sexy girls is because the person taking the screenshot has been googling porn.”

…. which may explain why my iphone brings up adverts for books. I wonder what other adverts readers receive?

One thought on “The Perils of Sexy Polish Girls

  1. I enjoy these more light-hearted postings, they make a good contrast to the weightier considerations of policy.
    In the past there have been good ones such as the review of a non-political book and the one about high heels.

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