Fringe Meeting on Blogging 4 – Mark Ferguson Labour List

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Mark Ferguson the editor of Labour List talks about how blogging can be part of a joined up campaign to fight the Tory lead government. He describes how for some people blogging can be like a virtual General Committee (GC) meeting where people debate the political issues which affect their daily lives. Mark is realistic that blogging can only compliment campaigning, it cannot be a substitute for it.

One thought on “Fringe Meeting on Blogging 4 – Mark Ferguson Labour List

  1. It seems odd to me that Mark Ferguson thinks the media gave Labour a hard time during the election. My impression was that interviews, etc, were almost deferential in their treatment of Labour figures. Figures who kept on and on about all the wonderful things they were about to do for us without any shame for all that they had done in the previous thirteen years.
    I did not follow it all that carefully but I do recall a line-up of MPs from different parties outside the Houses of Parliament which included Hazel Blears. The subject of the indexation of pensions came up and Ms Blears chirped up with, ‘that’s our policy, that’s our policy’. It was one of the other politicians, not the interviewer who pointed out that her party had just had thirteen years to restore the link.

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