The New European Heritage Label

Today the European Parliament voted through a report that will establish a blue plaque system for sites of European historical significance.  The idea is to create a better understanding of our shared history within the European Union. 

Sites will be selected for their symbolic rather than aesthetic value, and must have links with key European events or personalities.  One of the potential sites in the U.K. that has been discussed so far is Bletchley Park, the site of the British efforts to break the Nazi codes during the Second World War. 

The scheme will be entirely voluntary for member states, with each being able to select a maximum of two sites to be considered per year. Only one, at most, will ultimately be granted the label.

During the debate before the vote today I spoke in favour of the bill.  I believe there are a number of advantages to the scheme in my opinion.  Firstly, it is very cheap, costing the EU very little and almost nothing for the individual member states, literally nothing if they choose not to participate.  Secondly, I think it’s important for us to gain a better understanding of our shared history; the events and people that made Europe what it is today.  I look forward to seeing the first sites submitted for consideration, I think it could be very interesting.

I would like to congratulate my fellow S&D colleague, Chrysoula Paliadeli, who was the rapporteur and has worked very hard to produce an excellent and constructive report.


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4 responses to “The New European Heritage Label

  1. Daniel Oxley

    How ironic that Bletchly Park should be cited as a recipient of this blue plaque. The people who worked there during WW2 struggled to keep this country out of the European Super State of their day and their place of work is now to be dishonoured with a badge of subjection to the latest one.

  2. Mary,

    Pointless nonsense – we already have a perfectly effective blue plaque system run by English Heritage – why would we want a Euro version? How many man hours have been wasted thinking this up?

    If its good because its cheap its obviously better (as you say) for it to cost us nothing by not joining.


  3. Simon North

    “costing the EU very little” who? the EU? and where does EU funding come from? More taxpayer money spent on EU propaganda. I bet the hideous thing will even have the EU logo on it.

    MEP = Member of the EU Parliament.

    You should be ashamed.

  4. Today the European Parliament voted through a report that will establish a blue plaque system for sites of European historical significance.