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It’s been quite a week, following a somewhat heated debate with Ryan Air’s CEO Michael O’Leary. I called to question his charity calendar in which female flight attendants are pictured wearing next to nothing.

My objections seemed to touch a nerve with O’ Leary who when we both appeared on Woman’s Hour last Tuesday, his attacks were personal, and he refused to answer my questions. Subsequently his people published a press release calling on ‘Dreary Mary to apologise’. But I stand by what I said.

Meanwhile, I hear today that Nick Clegg is being lined up for a top EU job in an “emergency exit” strategy  which has been planned for the next election when it is thought he may well lose his Sheffield Hallam seat following the unpopular vote on tuition fees.

It might be another four years away, but the issue won’t go away. I’ve been involved in politics long enough to know that people just don’t forget that easily. And a week may be a long time in politics, but the wounds take longer to heal. Vincent Moss carries the full story in today’s Sunday Mirror.

The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt – whose name was accidentally turned into an expletive last week on BBC radio has suggested that much of the BBC corporation would vote Labour or LIb Dem. His presumptions are surely not going to win him any favours with the employees who are already in dispute over their pay and pensions.

In an interview with the Observer , Hunt said it was clear to most people that more BBC employees would vote Labour or Lib Dem than Conservative. He also said that the corporation had been out of touch with public opinion in the recent past and shown leftwing bias on issues such as Europe, immigration and Northern Ireland.

One thought on “Honeyball’s Weekly Round-Up

  1. It was interesting to read of the possible exit strategy for Nick Clegg. The Labour Party and the Conservative Party are forever telling us what a good thing the EU is and all of the wonderful benefits we get from our unpopular membership of it but their use of it as a dumping ground for the unwanted and unloved continues unabated.

    In their use of the EU as a bin for the disgraced, the exposed and failures they show by the actions what they really think of our federal institutions.

    If Nick Clegg is rewarded for his deceitfulness with a well paid job in Brussels he will follow a long and undistinguished list of ‘ne-er do wells’.

    Lord Mandelson got his job for providing false information on a mortgage application, Chris Patton was elevated to the unelected EU Commission after losing his own parliamentary seat and Neil Kinnock joined them after he lead his party to defeat in a General Election.

    I am sure that if I put my mind to it I could forge a mortgage application and lose a public election – it can’t be that difficult but no-one has ever offered me a fat salary in return for being useless in Brussels. Instead I have to continue to fund these failures when I pay my income tax.

    I don’t know why Nick Clegg should get special treatment. Why shouldn’t he read through the classified adverts for a suitable job, many of those facing unemployment have to do it.

    Quite what his future employment other than in the EU would be is difficult to say; something suitable to his character perhaps? A loan shark? Or possibly a job to fit his ability, like a door stop.

    No wonder our political classes are keen on our membership of the EU. It provides the opportunity of promotion and also a safety net when they screw up.

    The EU is a bin but it is a one which we should empty, not one which we should fill up with even more rubbish.

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