Many agree with me about Ryanair calendar

Labour Party

When Michael O’Leary decided to launch his ‘Girls of Ryanair’ charity calendar two years ago, I was quick to point out that this would sexualise the airline industry. This calendar represents a cheap and blatant bid by Ryanair to raise the company’s profile and to boost profits.

You will see from this article in Travel USA Today ‘This isn’t a Strip Search’ that many people agree with me. As one commenter has rightly pointed out, this kind of sexism has the potential to put female staff in danger.

It’s disappointing to see even The Guardian supporting O’Leary’s latest calendar launch – today it printed a large Ryanair advertisement entitled ‘Cheapest way to the sun’ with a ‘Girls of Ryanair’ promotion at the bottom.

Clearly, O’Leary just can’t keep himself out of the limelight.