The ever more appalling Godfrey Bloom brings shame on us all

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Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorks and the Humber, was ejected from the European Parliament today for using language associated with Nazi Germany when addressing a fellow MEP. In a debate this morning Godfrey Bloom used the phrase “ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” towards German MEP Martin Schulz, the Leader of the Socialist and Democrat Group.

Shortly after midday the Vice-President of the European Parliament chairing the session in the European Parliament chamber, British Liberal-Democrat MEP Edward McMillan-Scott who holds his Vice-President post as an  independent, ordered Mr Bloom to aplologise to Mr Schulz. Failure to do so would lead to Mr Bloom being ejected from the chamber.

Inevitably Godfrey Bloom refused to aplogise, following which McMillan-Scott put the motion that Mr Bloom be ejected to the vote. It was carried overwhelmingly.

Again very predictably, Bloom refused to go, despite the European Parliament ushers’ peaceful attempts to persuade him, whereupon McMillan-Scott ordered a five minute suspension. At this point Bloom skulked off and didn’t return.

During these proceedings as the atmosphere became ever more febrile, BNP MEP Nick Griffin shouted loudly in Bloom’s defence. However, since his microphone wasn’t on, Griffin’s efforts had no discernible effect.  Telling also that newly re-elected UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was passionate in Bloom’s defence.  

Bloom’s utterly appalling behaviour was totally unacceptable. If you feel, as Bloom clearly does, that the second world war is not yet over, then you should at least have the decency to distance yourself from an institution, the European Parliament, which seeks to foster European co-operation and understanding. I do not believe it is either right or effective to seek election to the European Parliament and then take every opportunity to attack it. If you feel you must exercise your right to freedom of speech Mr Bloom, go and do it somewhere else. It is wholly out-of-order to use the chamber of the European Parliament to grossly insult fellow parliamentarians and attempt to resurrect past wars and past anti-democratic, violent and racist political movements in a place set up to enable Europe to recover from its twentieth century past.

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  1. Mary,

    Shulz is pretty objectionable at the best of times – I wonder what the context of Bloom’s remarks were?

    I’ve always thought that the Euo Parliament is a useless talking shop that only exists to give a veneer of democratic legitimacy to the Commission. If you want an example of an anti-democratic institution look no further than the EU.


  2. That’s true, Geoff. You probably know, pontificating from your armchair (and not having set a foot outside Britain since WW2). If there are nazies to be found anywhere, it must be in the UKIP, allow me… But keep insulting everybody: clears the air, doesn’t it.

  3. Geoff – I’m sorry to say that you obviously know very little about the competencies and work of the Parliament if you label it a mere talking shop.

    ECOSOC is a talking shop, but ECOSOC has no real powers. Parliament has co-decision and that means something. Look at the changes made to Rohs or the WEEE Directive or the data sharing issue surrounding SWIFT, or the ongoing EU Budget discussions or the FTA with South Korea. I could go on.

    Read a book before you come out with sweeping statements or you’ll just look poorly informed.

  4. When the MEPs voted for Mr Bloom to be expelled from the chamber they were doing so because they do not respect the views of Mr Bloom’s constituents.

    Godfrey Bloom was voted into the Parliament by the people of Yorkshire not once but twice so they have had a chance to judge him and it looks like they agree with him.

    No mention was made in the article about Silvio Berlusconi’s comments about Mr. Schultz. The Italian leader said of him that he was ‘perfect for the role of a Nazi concentration camp guard’. Far stronger than anything Godfrey Bloom said but Berlusconi is a Europhile so of course this is OK; he does not need to be demonised or expelled from any chambers.

    Mr. Schultz himself has accused UKIP of opening the door to fascism but Mr. Schultz is a Europhile, so of course he does not need to criticised or expelled from the chamber.

    The EU is wonderful at ensuring the right to freedom of expression to people who applaud it but hopeless when it comes to its critics.

  5. Tom – your curious use of grammar confuses your response. Who mentioned the Nazis? You obviously aren’t familar with “love Europe – hate the EU”. Criticism is good by the way.

    Sameold – you reveal yourself with your use of Eurospeak – how else would you work “competencies” into your 1st line.

    I do read books but different ones to you. None of your examples provide compelling justification for a Euro Parliament. ROHS & WEEE – both could & should have been legislated for nationally if we thought them important. EU budget – no evidence of competence there – a 6% increase demanded. Sth Korean FTA – good – probably the only real justification for the EU as a free trade agreement – but how would that involve 700+ MEPs?

  6. Geoff – How could Rohs and WEEE have been done nationally if we work in a single market, where businesses trade across borders? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Name me a single European company that would welcome that.

    Regarding the budget, the EP has co decision for the next package and that is what these negotiations are about. The 5.9% is just a sideshow allowing the EP to raise issues relating to the next negotiation about 2013. Everybody here knows that.

    I don’t understand what you mean about the FTA. I think you mean its good that the EP has involvement but you’re not sure how. Well, the EP has a joint say about whether or not it comes into force in its current form. At the moment, they are holding it up.

    The problem the EP has is its inability to explain itself to the man on the street. Hopefully the greater use of social media, for instance this blog, will overcome that but i’m not holding my breath.

    Like it or not, the EP is not a talking shop so I think you need to reflect more on that statement.

  7. Sameold,
    We trade world wide not just with the EU. How do restrictive EU regulations help UK businesses?

    A 5.9% increase on the EU budget is more than a “sideshow” when most national governments are implementing austerity measures. MEPs seem divorced from reality.

    “Everybody here knows that” Where exactly? Are you an EU employee?

    EU involvement in an FTA with N Korea makes sense as I said, but this doesn’t justify the existence of 700 MEPs.

    The Euro parliament will remain pointless as it is in thrall to the Commision, not the other way round. The unelected superceding the elected. How can I vote out Barrosso?

  8. I note that Leader of the Greens calling Eurosceptics “mentally ill” and Schulz on a regular basis calling other MEPs names such as fascists means he dosn’t get sanctions but Godfrey does – The rules are not being applied fairly! (kinda sums up the EU)

    And anyway – it IS what Schulz wants – one EU flag, one EU country, one EU leader! – and that is the point Godfrey was trying to make!

  9. Bloom keeps writing to our local (sheffield ) paper extolling the opinion that global warming is a hoax, but interestingly, he never tells us any of his evidence for such an assertion. This is typical of the far right such as the BNP and UKIP. They’d rather have unsubstantiated conspiracies than scientific evidence when it comes to important matters. UKIP and Bloom are living in lahlah land.

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