Ed Miliband at Labour Party Conference

Labour Party

Here’s the third and last of the videos from the London Labour Party reception at Labour’s Conference in Manchester earlier this year. Ken Livingstone is available here, and Harriet Harman here. After the formal announcement of the Leadership election result Ed was due to speak at the London Labour Party reception. Hundreds of people piled into the room in anticipation. The demands of the media meant that Ed was diverted to do interviews.

The room eased a little, but as soon as Ed arrived after a little delay the room was the place to be. The fervour at the beginning of the meeting shows how keenly Ed’s speech was anticipated. The video is just over 6 minutes long and covers, Ken, Harriet and London of course.

One thought on “Ed Miliband at Labour Party Conference

  1. So New Labour, he told us that he spent the day looking for Harriett Harman’s coat but not whether or not he found it. All good intentions but nothing about the deliverables.
    I hope that she got her coat back and I hope that one day the Labour undertaking to give us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution will be fulfilled.

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