Harriet Harman at Labour Party Conference

Labour Party

As promised here is another belated short video from the London Labour Party reception at Labour’s Conference in Manchester in September. Harriet is in good from setting out “London Labour Facts” and then talking about that lovely young man Ed Miliband.

2 thoughts on “Harriet Harman at Labour Party Conference

  1. I only heard one fact; the one about the 13% swing to Labour in a Chelsea and Kensington by-election. The rest were subjective opinions and aspirations. ‘We have a fantastic candidate for Mayor’ is not a fact, neither is ‘we have a great team of London Labour MPs’. If she had included in her speech, ‘I proposed a rule to exempt MPs expenses from the Freedom of Information Act’, that would have been a fact.

    At least she did not indulge her prejudice against red-haired people as she did in her address to the Scottish Labour Party with her joke about Danny Alexander. The joke was pretty poor but that it came from champion of equality was funny and to choose Scotland to make a ‘gingerist’ remark was hilarious. Perhaps she is planning to have a go at the elderly on her next visit to Southport.

  2. That joke did not reflect a prejudice against red-haired paople… it was insensitive in the context of red-haired people being the butt of jokes by stupid people.

    Few of these stupid people would deny people a job or club membership on account of red hair.

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