David Cameron is wrong about Labour MEPs and the EU Budget

Shortly after the end of Prime Minister’s Questions today I heard that David Cameron had accused Labour MEPs of voting in favour of the EU budget last week. He, of course, castigated this and said we were wasteful, profligate and generally not fit for purpose (or words to that effect).

In fact, Mr Cameron, Labour MEPs are none of these things since we voted against the budget in Strasbourg last week.  Since Labour MEPs are utterly responsible we took the view that while many member states, including the UK, are facing financial difficulties, the EU should also rein in its spending.

I, and no doubt my Labour MEP colleagues, look forward to an apology from the Prime Minister.


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3 responses to “David Cameron is wrong about Labour MEPs and the EU Budget

  1. George Lees

    Can you honestly hand on heart say that you voted against all increases to the EU budget?

    Not what your voting record says – yes they publish it now:


    • maryhoneyballmep

      In fact Labour MEPs, including myself, voted against the whole budget on the final vote. I think this answers
      your question.

  2. Daniel Oxley

    Mary, I hope that you get your apology from David Cameron but I would advise you strongly against holding your breath while waiting for it.
    On the matter of the earlier vote to increase the salaries of MEPs, please could you let us know if the Labour MEPs voted in favour?