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I am delighted to hear that two London Labour activists Lazzaro Pietragnoli from my own Camden who was a keen supporter of Labour’s last European campaign, and Susanna Bellino who is one of Labour biggest activists in Kingston have organised a meeting to set up Labour Friends of Italy. Having been involved with similar organisation for China and Cyprus I rejoice in Labour’s internationalism.

They have already coordinated four action days during the general election. As a recently formed organisation, at the last general election, they decided it was more useful to concentrate efforts in campaigning in support of the Labour Party rather than focus on organisational and formal issues. This allowed Labour Friends of Italy to be an essential part of the winning teams in four marginal constituencies in London:

Islington South & Finsbury, Tooting, Hammersmith and Poplar & Limehouse.

The result in these constituencies and more generally in London were some of the best in the country and provide a good base.
Labour Friends of Italy, as an organisation of Labour members of Italian origins and roots, which wants to play an active role across the country.

The founding Annual General Meeting of Labour Friends of Italy will take place on Tuesday the 27th July, from 6pm to 8pm at Labour Headquarters 39 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HA. My thanks to Lazzaro and Susanna for all their work.

6 thoughts on “Labour Friends of Italy

  1. Is there by any chance a Labour Friends of Poland?

    This might be a very worthwhile challenge since at present the left is not strong in Poland, and many Poles see Labour and communism as being the same. I have an interest since I speak Polish and have a lot of Polish friends.

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  3. Dear Mary,

    thanks to you, for your support, your encouragement, and this wonderful advert!!! (we will put a link in our website now)

    I am sorry you cannot come to our AGM but look forward to working with you in the future.

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