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I am putting this letter from David Miliband on my blog as it’s important that as many Labour Party members as possible see it.  Please do read David’s message and circulate it as widely as you possibly can. 

David is saying:

“It’s a privilege and an honour to be nominated as a candidate for the leadership of the Party I love.

Yes I’d like your vote. But I’m not writing about that today – this is about something bigger.

 I’m writing to ask you to join me on a journey to examine, redefine and rebuild our Party. Because to be frank – I need you.

 Robin Cook was exactly right when he said that “Political parties do not achieve renewal by shuffling staff in their Leader’s office, but by changing the culture, priorities and direction of the organisation.”

 And I believe that the change we need can only happen if each of us come together to rebuild our Party from the grassroots up.

 So I come to you with a single and simple request. To ask you to join me in our campaign to rebuild our Party:


 For too long Labour has failed its members. We’ve hidden you away in the shadows – when you should’ve been the heart and soul of our movement.

 This cannot and should not go on. By coming together I believe we can unite every part of our Party.

 Together we’ll guarantee that members have a central role in Labour – and the first step towards that is an elected Party Chair.

 We’ll fight the Tories tooth and nail as they try to gerrymander the political system including our link to the Unions.  We’ll rebuild, with 1000 future leaders across the length and breadth of Britain trained in community organising, and we’ll double our membership.

 We’ll reinforce the vital role that local elected representatives play by welcoming the Leader of Labour’s Councillors to the Shadow Cabinet.  And we’ll make sure that Scotland and Wales have an active role in the NEC.

 But I don’t want our Party to just be a reflection of my ideas – I want it to be a reflection of yours.

 The first step in that conversation is joining me in our campaign to rebuild our Party:


 I know that the road ahead is difficult. But we need to change politics not just policy. Dialogue not deals is the key to our future.

 Throughout my adult life, Labour has given me so much. It is truly humbling to be considered as Leader. But this campaign means more to me than that.

 Win or lose I want this campaign to leave a lasting legacy that defines where our Party goes in the next few years – and that means putting you at the heart of our movement.

 We cannot wait for someone else, somewhere else to fix our Party – it’s up to me and you. And we don’t have a moment to waste.

 Please join our campaign to rebuild our Party now:


 I believe I have the values and vision to inspire our movement to dream of a better future.  I believe that I have the character and judgement to turn those dreams into reality. I want Labour to win again. I believe we can.

 And I want to do it, with you, together.

Thank you for your time.

David Miliband”


3 thoughts on “A Message from David Miliband

  1. I doubt that I shall be voting for David, even though my former fellow councillor is supporting him.

    To my mind, Jon Cruddas tries to engage with the broader party, while John McDonnell tries to confront the broader party, which is why 1983 happened.

    I shall be watching to see which path Diane follows: if she makes a genuine and sensible attempt to engage the braoder party (over and above Michael Portillo!), I shall vote for her. I am fully aware she will be demonised.

    I do appreciate that David appluded her candidature.

  2. I shall begin by being completely honest! I am still not sure for whom I shall vote, even though I met you in Ipswich some years ago.

    I never got higher in the Labour Party than Herrtford Town Coucillor and Chair of my CLP. I was brought up in Rochdale: so, I would describe myself as elderly North Country Labour. I subsequently lived in Wales (hence my interest in Devolution!), Oxford, and Tanzania (hence my interest in any positive thing from Africa!).

    I was impressed by New Labour at first, because it acknowledged that the World had changed and that we should rethnink our policies to fit our traditional Socialist values. What hurt was when my values were compromised!

    I do not agree with present Austerity Policy- have they never heard of Keynes’ Theory of Countercyclical Spending? I noted that your brother is proposing to carry out an investigation of remuneration in the Private sector. This appeals to me, because I think that the distintion between the Public and Private sectors is a false one. Our Financial sector is too large and got us into the present mess!! Our Manufacturing sector has, is and will struggle (there comes my North Country origins!). It will not thrive with an export-led recovery if all the Eurozone countries are going into Austerity Measures.We shall dive into recession again!

    John FOSTER, 11/06/10.

    I should like to hear your comments on all of this!

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