Cameron and Osborne caught out over “Dwarfgate”

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David Cameron and George Osborne’s suitability for government must again be seriously in question after their their latest Sarkozy gaffe.

In case you missed the story, Cameron is said to have made a comment about “hidden dwarfs” when discussing a photograph taken with French President Sarkozy, who is 7 inches shorter than the Tory leader.  This follows comments in September by Osborne, who, while standing on stage at a conference hosted by Spectator magazine, removed a stool from the stage, joking that it was the “Sarkozy box”.  Sarkozy has apparently made a formal complaint to the UK government over Osborne’s childish “joke”.

Quite apart from the immaturity and inappropriateness of making fun of people for their size, stature, or appearance – although this is exactly the kind of juvenile humour deemed acceptable among those with the Tory leaderships’ Oxford Bullingdon club background – such mockery of the head of state of a leading nation on the world stage belies a worrying lack of statesmanship.

Cameron has already caused the French President regret by pulling his MEPs out of the EPP Group in the European Parliament.  Now he and his side-kick move on to personal jibes.  Diplomacy under a Cameron government?  More like putting both feet into a very large hole and continuing to dig, and most definitely not good for British interests.

2 thoughts on “Cameron and Osborne caught out over “Dwarfgate”

  1. Mary,

    It’s called humour – something that’s sadly lacking in politicians in general & the EU in particular. OK so it may have been a bit intemperate, but who doesn’t make fun of the French when they get the chance? Sarkozy has a bad dose of SMS anyway – “small man syndrome” & a whopping ego to go with it.

    Frankly though I’d rather have a PM with a slightly dodgy sense of humour than one who can’t get his facts straight about the defence budget.


  2. One might have thought that the French President could have taken a joke. After all, he takes so many other things from the UK. There is the ridiculous level of funding of his prosperous country via the Common Agricultural Policy while the French make no contribution to the EU coffers. His country also takes a 70% share of fishing stocks in the English Channel while this nation makes do with a mere 7%.

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