Euro Election

I see Iain Dale is not feeling very well at the moment. His symptoms are that he is feeling as sick as a dog at the thought of the Tories’ beloved old HQ being sold off to the European Commission. Dale seems particularly upset at the prospect of it being renamed “Europa House”, (he says he is getting “convulsions”) hardly an offensive nor unsurprising name given the future function of the building. As an MEP for London and proud member of the Labour Party I want Britain to be at the heart of Europe, because I know the UK benefits enormously from doing this.

It’s pretty clear that poor Iain is suffering from the disease that nearly wiped out his party once before – it’s called Euro-scepticism. I’m afraid Iain has given away the true colours of most of the Tory party. Because they hate Europe they support policies that would harm the UK economy and cost people their jobs.

This week I will be having discussions about the mobile phone roaming reforms that are being proposed by the Commission and now must be passed through the parliament. When they are passed UK users travelling abroad can look forward to cheaper data roaming services when using their mobile internet device. (We have already seen greatly reduced voice roaming charges thanks to the EU). Just another way that being at the heart of Europe benefits the UK.

Thanks for reminding everyone what the Tories think of Europe Iain. I really hope you get better soon.


  1. Mary, Yet again, you make the mistake of believing that Eurosceptic = hating Europe. Wrong. I love Europe. I just had the bureaucracy of the EU. I can understand why you don’t as it provides you with a good living. I speak fluent German., I spent two years of my live living on the continent. When you and I first met (in 1987) I was debating defending the EEC, as it then was, against the sceptics in your own party (not sure if you were one of them or not). I don;t like what the EU has become. That doesn’t mean I hate Europe, something I hope you would be good enough to acknowledge.

  2. Iain happy to distinguish your personal love for Europe from your dislike of the European Union. Even in 1987 and before I was pro-Europe.
    Best wishes

  3. Look, this is easy. Breathe in, centre yourself on the emptiness that lies at the heart of brussels, and write something that doesn’t wind up anyone.

    It’s easy ; some little disquisition on the art you like, or a comedian who really floated your boat, even if you’ll never hear Bernard Manning’s tones again. Believe me, you’ll be all the better for it.

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