Creative Industry, culture, Equal Rights, London

The European Parliament has just finished debating a report the creative industries. I spoke in the Chamber, highlighting the important role of our creative and cultural industries, particularly the increasing part they play in our economy.

As a member representing London, the creative hub of the UK and indeed Europe, I am acutely aware of the benefits that such industries bring to a locality. London is diverse in culture and thriving in its creativity and as cultural and creative industries represent a significant sector in London’s economy, I welcome recommendations to support their sustainability and growth.

That said I find it of great concern, that whilst women represent a huge number of employees within the industry, their absence in high ranking positions is stark.

As the report rightly pointed out, cultural industries are an important vehicle through which European values are communicated. Equality between men and women is one of the most important..

The origins of our flourishing cultural and creative industries lie in the diversity of individual talents and skills. Member States must investigate and address the barriers that prevent our most creative women from entering the boardroom.